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Zanshin Dojo is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. We provide training in Judo and Karate to adults, teens, and kids (6+ yrs) living in and around St. John's Newfoundland. Zanshin Dojo holds current memberships in the Newfoundland Karate Association, the Newfoundland & Labrador Karate Union, the Newfoundland & Labrador Judo Association, and Judo Canada (#130788). We have a provision for a free class, to try things out. Before joining your new class though, you must sign and submit a Membership Application. Bring some water with you to keep yourself hydrated during class. It’s best to wear loose, comfortable clothing such as a sweat suit.

Membership 2017-2018
Registration is ongoing for new or returning students.
To expedite the process, please download and sign a Membership Application

Membership Fees
Winter 2018

January - March
(3 months

Spring 2018
April - June
(3 months

Little Kids (6 yrs)

4 classes weekly in Karate & Judo

41/mo x 3 = 123.
41/mo x 3 = 123.

s (7-12 yrs)
classes weekly in Karate & Judo

43/mo x 3 = 129.
43/mo x 3 = 129.

(13-17 yrs)
4 classes weekly in Karate & Judo

46/mo x 3 = 138.
46/mo x 3 = 138.

Adults (18-98 yrs)
twice-weekly Karate, Judo is TBA

46/mo x 3 = 138.
46/mo x 3 = 138.
Family Rate
a 2nd, 3rd child, spouse, or relative

40/mo x 3 = 120. each
40/mo x 3 = 120. each

Insurance 2017-2018
Zanshin Dojo maintains full membership in Judo Canada and the provincial affiliate The Newfoundland & Labrador Judo Association (NLJA) as well as The Newfoundland Karate Association (NKA) a member of the NL Karate Union. Group insurance plans for the NLJA (insured jointly by Lloyd's & Temple) and the NKA (insured by Aviva) are administered by Sport Newfoundland & Labrador (SportNL). The insurance covers general liability, bodily injury, and property damage. All members (students and instructors) must pay a yearly fee to guarantee insurance coverage. This fee is a yearly one-time amount remitted to SportNL. All members receive Association Membership cards as soon as they become available.

Insurance Fees
(One-time, Yearly)

Karate Insurance 2017-18
(Nfld Karate Assoc)

Judo Insurance 2017-18
(Nfld & Labrador Judo Assoc,
Judo Canada)
Children (4-13 yrs) 30. 65.

Teens (14-15 yrs) 

30. 65.
Youth & Adults (16-99 yrs) 40.
Black Belts
55. 70.

Uniforms: Your New Gi & Belt
New gi's (uniforms) and belts are available in local sports stores, or through Zanshin Dojo.
We usually keep a few new gi's & belts in stock.

Gi & Belt
Gi & Belt
Sizes 000 to 2 (tax & shipping incl.)
68. (white)
  • 68. (white gi + belt)
  • 78. (blue gi + belt)

Sizes 3 to 5 (tax & shipping incl.)

68. (white)
  • 78. (white gi + belt) 
  • 88. (blue gi + belt)

Sizes 6 to 8 (tax & shipping incl.)

88. (white)
  • 88. (white gi + belt) 
  • 98. (blue gi + belt)

Gradings: Promotion to the Next Rank
A "grading" is either a formal test of a student's performance during classtime, or a series of unscheduled informal observations over several weeks, at the discretion of the Sensei. Promotion to the next rank requires regular attendance up to 5 rnonths, a commitment to training, and a respect of everyone on the mat. The fee for a successful grading - the test, the signed certificate, and a new belt, is $30.

Zanshin Clothing
  • Black Cap, embroidered crest on front
  • Black T-shirt, embroidered crest on front 
  • Black Golf shirt, embroidered crest on front 
  • Black Jacket, embroidered crest front & back 
  • Black Winter Coat, embroidered crest on front 
  • 25. (tax & shipping extra)
  • 20. (tax & shipping extra)
  • 35. (tax & shipping extra)
  • 75. (tax & shipping extra)
  • 125. (tax & shipping extra)

Financial Assistance
Financial assistance is available for economically disadvantaged children (17 years and under), for the Registration fee or to purchase a Gi (uniform & belt).

  • Todd Hodder Fund is available to children 16 and under throughout the province, maximum $100 for gi purchase or registration
  • KidSport is available to children 18 and under throughout the province - maximum $300 for registration and/or equipment.
  • R.E.A.L. is a joint program with Canadian Tire Jumpstart for St. John's residents only, available to children 18 and under.

  • Canadian Tire Jumpstart is available to children 18 and under throughout the province.

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