St. David's Presbyterian Church
98 Elizabeth Avenue (next to Elizabeth Towers)
Phone: 726 - 8346

Zanshin Dojo is a non-profit organization run by qualified volunteers
We offer classes in Karate and
Judo to kids and youth living in and around St. John's

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Bruce Mann is the Sensei at Zanshin Dojo. He holds black belts in Judo (2nd dan) and Karate (3rd dan). Bruce MannSensei Bruce is a 'Certified Dojo Instructor' (NCCP Level II), and Provincial Referee in Judo (Level-A) and Shotokan Karate. Off the mat Dr. Bruce Mann is a Professor of Education at Memorial University in St. John's.

                        QuinnJudy Quinn is the Sempai at Zanshin Dojo. Judy holds a blue belt in Judo, and a brown belt in Shotokan Karate. Judy has won silver and bronze medals in Senior Kata at NL Karate tournaments in St. John's.
Ed Quinn is a Visiting Sensei to Zanshin Dojo. Sensei Ed holds a black belt in Judo (2nd dan) and is a 'Certified Dojo Instructor' (NCCP Level II), and Provincial Referee in JudoEd Quinn (Level-A). He is responsible for training high-performance judo athletes for national competiton.

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